Automatic Gear Pump Base Liquid Filler

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Blenzor Machine

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Suitable for

All types of Houshold Liquids in Bottles/Cans

Filling Range


Filling Unit 

6 Head Digital Gear Pump Base


3 Meter Long

Conveyor Motor

0.5HP Gear Motor

Filling Nozzles

Drip Free Diving type


Touch Screen HMI (Delta Make)

Can Stopper Mechanism

Pneumatic Festo-Germany Make

Power Source  

220V 50Hz

Power Supply 


Contact Parts

Stainless Steel 304 Grade


Stainless Steel

Machine Weight


Machine Dimension (Wooden Case)

3000mmLx850mmWx 1800mmH

Production Capacity

30-50 Bottles Per Minute

Liquid filling machine is majorely used for filling free flowing liquids.

Liquid filling machine also known as liquid filler and liquid dispenser which is suitable to fill 1ml to 5000ml of any liquid in bottles,cans,jars,tubs

Liquid filling is automatic filling machine runs of volumetric filling principle.

Liquid filling machine is widely used for milk filling, bottle filling, jar filling, container filling,oil filling,ointment filling, shampoo filling, juice filling, liquor filling, perfume filling, wine filling,can filling, food product filling.

Filling by liquid filling machine is completely drip free and accurate in weight.

Liquid filling machines are mostly used in pharmaceutical filling & food filling as a filler or dispenser

Desired speed can be achieved by liquid filling machine bu adding filling heads

Major liquid fillers are available in 2,4,6,8 heads

Liquid Filling machine can produce 50-200 bottles per minute by adding maultiple heads to filler head

Vineger filling, perfume filling are used in liquid filling machine .

Semi-Viscouse liquid can be accurately filled by liquid filler machine

Lube oil filling machine & engine oil filling machine are catagories of liquid filling machine.

Lots of lube oil filling & engine oil filling  companies adopt similar technology machine of liquid filling machine.

Cosmetic shampoo filling & perfume filling machines are also fall in liquid filling machine category.

Vineger filling machine is example of gravimetric liquid filling machine.

Lots of wine filling & liquor filling are handle on our liquid filling machine.

Spirit filling machine has similar design of liquid filling machine.

Liquid packaging machine and packaging  machinery are majorely used on high speed liquid production industries.

Product Features

Accurate filling level control by diaphragm pump not necessary to adjust machine when filling volume changed.

Suitable for wide range liquid characteristic even high viscosity.

Touch screen control for easy graphical user interface.

Automatically stopping machine system by detecting the shortage of bottles.

All stainless construction meeting cG.M.P. requirements.

Easy cleaning up,low maintenance.

Product Applications

Pharmaceutically liquid, chemical liquid, cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, sauces,syrups, oil, beverages,etc.

Capacity  10~70 bottles/min 

Filling Volume  300~1500 ml(1500ml~5000ml also available for special order) 

Filling Nozzles   2~12 Nozzles (depend on capacity & filling volume) 

Compressed Air  3~6kg/cm2

Power Supply   AC 110/220V 60/50Hz Single Phase 

Power Consumption  1/4 HP 

Machine Weight  350 kg 

Gross Weight  500 Kgs 

Packing Size 2590mm x 870mm x 2300mm