Compact Blister Pack Machine (Rotary)


Blister pack machine is suitable for all types of Tablets, Capsules,Caplets etc. in PVC-ALU Blister.
Blister pack machine is majorly used in alu-pvc blisters
Blister pack machine is also known as rotary blister pack machine.
Blister sealing is accurate and perfect in rotary blister packing machine

Blister Packing Machine Double Track
Double Station machine.
With full SS 304 Pre-finished Sheets Cladding (CGh/P Model)
Control Panel/Back Caver Cladding in SS 304 Pre-Finished Sheets
PLC Controlled Operation
Print Registration Control
Micro Adjustment-Feeding System Mounting Assembly
Universal Batch Code Printing unit
One Set Of Change Parts inclusive Of
Blister Forming Roller
Counter Sealing Roller
Inclined Feeding channel
Guide Track · Punching Too With main Change Gears & BCP Gears
For Packing any one Size of tablets / Capsule / Tablets
Organic Acrylic Guard
Universal Non fill Detection Unit
Detailed Product  Description:

Key Benefits
outstanding process safety in conjunction with high outputs
smooth machine surfaces for easy cleaning
tool-free size changeovers
use of all commercially available base web and lidding materials
neat grouping of work stations and ergonomic design, also suitable for the manual feeding of product
easy retrofitting of machine components

Technical data
Blister packaging machine model Blisterpac BP 5
Film width (mm) max. 250
Usable forming are (mm) max. 110x230
Max. forming depth (mm) 25
Max. blistersize (mm) 30x45
Max. blistersize (mm) 110x114
Max. blistersize per work stroke and numbers of blisters 2: A 110 x B 114

3: A 110 x B 75
4: A 110 x B 56
5: A 110 x B 45
6: A 110 x B 37
7: A 110 x B 31
Machine drives 1 numerically controlled drive for the base web transport
7 controlled AC drives
Max. output (blisters/min.) 300
Power Rating 3 x 400V/50 Hz

It is a latest high-precision medicine packing machine in current pharmacy industry.It is widely used for capsule, tablet,honey pills in pharmaceutical industry, for milk tablet, candy, chocolate in food industry , for injector, syringes, pins, small component electron or hardware industry as all kind of shapes of ALU-ALU,ALU-plastic,paper-plastic combined sealing packing.

Punching frequency: 100-180 times/min
Range of stroke: 30-120mm
Width of packaging material within 180mm


Flat bed Blister
Flat bed Blister



Blister Sealer
Compact Blister Pack Machine

Compact Blister Pack Machine
Blister Pack Machine (Rotary)


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