Paste Filling Machine




Fill Size


Filling in 

Bottles, Cans, Pouches


Motor Driven Piston with 70Lit Hopper

Contact Parts

Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Air Supply


Power Source  

220V 50Hz

Power Supply 


Compressed Air


Machine Dimension 

800mmLx600mmWx2000mmH (300Kg)

Production Capacity

5-15 Fills Per Minute

Honey :
honey filling, vinger filling, fruit syrup filling

Food Pastes:
jingerpaste filling, garlic paste filling, food paste filling, vinger filling, juice filling, pulp filling,ghee filling, curd filling, dahi filling, icecream filling, butter filling, cake paste filling, mayonnaise filling, yeast filling

ointment filling, gum filling, syrup filling

paint filling,adhesive filling, fevicol filling, paste solution filling, rubber adhesive filling, resin filling, hardner filling, silcon sealant filling

cosmetic cream filling,shampoo filling hair lotion filling,shaving cream filling, mouth freshner filling, hand wash filling, face wash filling, tooth paste filling

lotion filling, balm filling

Filling in : bottles, jars, containers, tubes, pouches, tubs, laminates

Suitablefill 1gm-5Kg of Paste, Creams, Blams, Ointment, Shampoo, Adhesives, Paints, Food Pastes, Pickles in bottles,Jars, Containers, Pouches.
Heavy Duty Piston type filler with accurate weighing
Also available in Hot jacketed filling unit for hot filling
Available in Single Head-Double  filling nozzles
Can be add conveyor with stopper for automatic handling
Volumetric filling
Drip free nozzles for clean cut off uring filling
Stainless Steel 304 or 316 grade contact parts
25Kg product storage hopper
Heating arrangement in hopper for hot filling process
Easy adjstment of filling by hand screw
Foot Operated or Auto set operation
+/-1% filling accuracy
Can be synchronized with conveyor and stopper
Power:220V, Single Phase/ 2KW
Speed: 15-50 Bottles/Min


Bottle Feeding Conveyor
Bottle Feeding Conveyor

Hot Paste Filler
Hot Paste Filler


Tube Filler

Tube Filler


Filled Samples
Filled Samples

Conveyor Line

Conveyor Line
Conveyor Line

Conveyor Line
Conveyor Line

Conveyor Line
Paste Filling Machine

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