Drum Filling Machine

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Product Description



Filling Sizes -: 25Lit-250Lit.

Number of Head -: 1

Roller Conveyor -: 1500mm Long

Contact Parts -: Stainless Steel 304

Controller -: Micro-Processor based

Machine Weight -: 400Kg

Machine Dimension (Wooden Case) -: 1500mmLx500mmWx2000mmH

Production Capacity -: 40-100 Per Hour

Power -: 380V 3 Phase/1.2KW

Product Features

The drum filling packing machine is widely used for filling medium and small capacity liquid with various viscosities. It is the top-filling type.

Automatically subtracting weight of container.

Arbitrarily sets filled liquid weight in design of weighing scope.

Automatically controls filling at fast or slow speed to prevent over washing

Displays statistic data, such as accumulate filling frequency and total filling weight.

Possesses printer output interface.

Adopts imported weight instruments and sensors.

Product Application

Oil, liquids, chemicals, paints etc.

This machine is also known as drum filler, drum filling machine, drum packing machine, automatic drum filling machine etc.