Weighmetric Filling Machine

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Product Description



Suitable for

Granule Products

Filling Range

0-1000gm (2-5kg in Multiple Strokes)

Filler Type


Product Hopper


Contact Parts

Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Flap Opening Operation



230V /1.2 KW + 5-6 Bar Air Consumption

Machine Weight


Machine Dimension ( Packing)

800mmLx700mmWx 1800mmH

Production Speed

5-15 Fills Per Minute

Weighmetric filling machine is Weigh-Metric basis filler.

Weighmetric filling machine is suitable to fill 50gm 1Kg & (5Kg Multiple Strokes of 1Kg) of Pulses/Granules in Readymade Laminates Pouches

Wighmetric filling machine is widely used for free flowing granules.

We offer various types of filling machines both automatic and semi- automatic to fill different products like powders, granules, liquids, creams, lotions etc. In to jars / bottles filling operation is done either on volumetric or on weighmetric basis. Being a part of that the weighmetric filling machine is suitable for filling granules, free flowing powders, rice, pulses, nuts etc., on weight basis.

Weight is controlled by a load cell with micro process programmable system and has a high level of accuracy with the facility of course feed and fine feed. Filling ranges from 25 gms to 1 kg. Models for higher capacity up to 10 kgs. Are also available. "the feeding system is with electromagnetic vibrator." optional equipments like a automatic screw feed with level sensor and special models with multiple filling heads for higher output also available. " output up to 600 fills/hr with an accuracy up to ± 1% for fill quantities over 50 gms or ± 2% for fill quantities up to 50 gms.

Exact product filling by control panel setting.

Load Cell with vibratory feeding of coarse & fine filling, with 50 lit. product storage hopper, complies with SS304/SS316 contact parts.

1HP, 3 Phase, 415V AC, 50Hz.electricals

Speed : 10-15 Pouches Per Minute.